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Terms and Conditions

Off-way has developed a social traveling platform accessible through the website at and mobile application, designed to connect travelers with similar travel ideas and find ideal travel companions, in order to enable sharing of travel experiences and related costs.

Registration Conditions

The use of the service, reserved for adults, is subject to the communication of data necessary for the opening of a dedicated Account, as well as acceptance of the privacy policy. The user remains the sole subject responsible for verifying the accuracy of the data entered, for which he assumes full responsibility.

Non-commercial and Non-business purpose of the Platform

The User agrees to use the Platform solely to find new Travel Companions, on a non-business and non-commercial basis. As an Organizer, the User undertakes not to use the Platform for commercial purposes and not to profit from it, by requesting compensation from other Users. Off-Way reserves the right to suspend the Account if it deems that the User intends to generate a profit on the Platform.

Use of Services

Proposal of a Trip

All Users registered on the Platform can post a Travel Announcement in order to search for compatible Travel Companions to travel with. The content of the announcement is inserted for the User's use and care and he maintains responsibility for the content provided.

The Announcement will be published on the Platform and therefore visible to Users and all visitors, even non-users, who perform a search on the Platform and/or on Off-Way's social channels. Specifically, to complete the publication of the Travel Announcement, the User can choose:

  • Title of the Trip
  • Destination
  • Type of Travel
  • Date of Departure and Return
  • Estimated Budget
  • Expected Age Range of other Users who will participate (these are the requirements)
  • Accommodations
  • Brief Description of their Travel Idea

The User is aware that the publication of the Travel Announcement is not automatic but subject to approval by Off-Way. The User may make changes to the Travel Announcement until the departure date. Any changes will be notified to the other participants.

Off-Way reserves the unquestionable right not to authorize the publication of travel announcements or advertisements if they contain offensive texts and/or images of the image and/or reputation of natural and/or legal persons, defamatory, blasphemous or have a racist character or exalt the inferiority and/or superiority of a race, people, culture compared to others, violate the rights of minorities, manifest an apologetic character for crimes against humanity, incite hatred and/or violence, have a pornographic or pedo-pornographic character, make threats or constitute harassment, convey information or messages that give instructions on how to carry out illegal activities or incite the commission of illegal activities or that may otherwise cause harm to third parties, incite dangerous behaviors and risks of emulation by minors or the use of drugs or mistreatment of animals, are based on messages and/or images that damage the interests of minors and are in any case unsuitable for minors under eighteen years of age.

Participation in a Trip

By logging in to the Platform with their credentials, the User will see the list of Travel Announcements of other Users in the Travel Showcase, decorated with specific information inserted by the User who published the announcement, information about the Participants in the Trip and the level of Compatibility with the Trip and the Travel Group.

By clicking on the image of each Travel Announcement, the User can see the detailed information about the Trip inserted by the Organizer User, consult the list of Participants in the Trip, and access individual Profiles. If interested, the User can request to join the travel chat ("JOIN CHAT") to ask for more details from the Organizer and the group of participants, collaborate on the organization of the Trip, and eventually confirm their participation. In order to join, the User will be asked to write a brief message that will only be visible to the Trip Organizer.

Participation in the travel chat is subject to availability of remaining spots, possession of age requirements defined by the Organizer who posted the Announcement, and evaluation by the Trip Organizer.

Only after being approved by the Organizer, the User will have the opportunity, using an instant messaging system, to chat with other Participants in the same Trip in order to share any subsequent updates or changes related to the organization.

Organization of a Trip

The organization of a Trip is the responsibility of Users who have joined it by accessing the Trip chat. The Organizer User is jointly responsible with other Users for organizing the Trip.

All Users participating in the same Trip can communicate via an instant messaging system to share all the details of the organization or through other personal means such as email, phone, or social media to which they are subscribed.

Within the chat, each User can decide to confirm their participation in the Trip. From this moment, their status will change to PARTICIPANT and notification will be given to other participants.

The chat will be active until one week after the departure date of the Trip. After that, it will no longer be possible to exchange messages on it.

The Organizer of the Trip may at any time manage the participants in the Chat, removing any Users who are no longer interested or who violate these Terms and Conditions.

If the maximum number of participants in the Chat is reached, it will be up to the Organizer to evaluate the possible exclusion of Users who are no longer interested or who do not intend to confirm their participation in the Trip, in order to make new spots available to other interested Users.

The User is solely responsible for the messages exchanged and undertakes to maintain appropriate conduct aimed solely at organizing the trip.

Invitations and Social Sharing

Each User may invite other participants to the Trip they have organized or are part of as Followers or Participants, using the INVITE function, which will allow them to access a list of Users who are potentially more compatible with the Trip.

The User can view individual Profiles and choose whom to invite. If the invitation does not come from the Organizer of the Trip, the entry into the Trip chat of a new User who consents to participate in the Trip will still be subject to the evaluation of the Organizer.

In order to search for new travel companions, the User can also share the trip with friends who are not registered on the Platform through a link on social channels (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

Abandonment of a Trip

Each User who is part of a Trip can leave the Trip Chat. The abandonment will be notified to all Users participating in the same Trip.

If the Organizer of the Trip decides to abandon the Trip Chat, the Trip will be automatically closed and all participants will be notified.

Off-Way cares about the reliability of its Users and the success of Trips organized through the Platform and makes every effort towards achieving the highest possible level of trust.

Therefore, each individual User, if they decide to abandon a Trip, is requested to promptly communicate it to the other participants and the Organizer.

Feedback and Reports

Off-Way encourages the User to leave feedback on a Trip they have participated in and on the other participants with whom they shared the Trip.

Each User present in the Chat of a Trip is required, from the return date onwards, to confirm their participation.

If the user confirms their participation, they will be encouraged to confirm the participation of other Users and to provide feedback:

  • on the Trip in general, consisting of a numerical evaluation and a note, visible only to the Platform Administrators
  • on each participating User, expressed as a numerical rating of their commitment demonstrated in organizing the Trip (ORGANIZATION) and their behavior during the Trip (ON TRIP)
  • The average of the feedback provided by other Users will be visible on each User's Profile.

DRBM Ltd is not obliged to verify, either before or after, the comments or feedback provided. If a User believes that the Feedback may be offensive to themselves or the Community, they are requested to immediately notify Off-Way by writing to customer care. Each User can also report another User, if they believe that their behavior violates these General Conditions or if they have behaved in an incorrect or offensive manner, or if they are trying to obtain economic profit, providing a reason for the report through the appropriate function present on each Profile.

Off-Way reserves the right to carry out the appropriate checks and actions by considering the opportunity of any measures that may include, depending on the cases and at Off-Way's exclusive discretion, the suspension and/or cancellation of the reported User.

Compatibility Calculation

Compatibility means the degree of affinity of a User with a Trip and the Group of Users who participate in it with the aim of increasing the success rate of travel groups.

The Compatibility percentage is calculated in real-time through a proprietary machine learning algorithm based on the profiling variables, socio-demographic data, behavioral data, and preferences of the users themselves. Compatibility defines how compatible a single user is with the type of Travel in question and with the group they belong to.

Contents published on or through the Platform

Contents from Users

The contents provided by the User during registration are used to allow other Users to know the characteristics of their potential Travel companions and to allow the calculation of Compatibility between Users and Trips, so that Users can organize their own Trip with people who share the same interests (passions, culture, sports, etc.) or are more compatible in terms of Travel style, living or being in the same location, having the same age, etc..

Users are responsible for their own content and third-party content shared on the Platform, declare to have fully and legitimately all rights related to such Content, and release Off-Way from any responsibility in relation to the illicit dissemination of third-party content that may be covered by copyright, indemnifying Off-Way from any possible request for compensation for damages deriving from unauthorized use of data or content, or from the use of the Platform in a manner contrary to the law.

Off-Way undertakes to intervene promptly in response to reports from Users or from Third Parties, including public authorities, regarding content deemed offensive or contrary to legal regulations.

Contents provided by Third Parties

Part of the data and/or services to which the User has access may come exclusively from third-party API services as well as from Off-Way.

Users must read the terms and conditions of such third parties in order to accept their content. Under no circumstances can Off-Way be held responsible for the correct functioning or availability of services provided by third parties.

User Authorization

The registered user, by accepting the terms and conditions, authorizes, free of charge, without time limit, and any type of economic exploitation, in any form, the use of their images on the website on social networks related to it (and in particular on Facebook, Instagram, etc.), on printed paper and/or on any other means of dissemination, as well as authorizes the storage of photos and videos in the same computer archives and acknowledges that the purpose of such publications are merely informative and possibly promotional.

Users cannot:

  • write a false or defamatory review, negotiate reviews with other companies, or profit from writing or removing reviews;
  • threaten, stalk, harm or harass other users;
  • copy, store, modify, change, or alter in any way any of the content provided by Off-Way;
  • disseminate or publish illegal, obscene, illegitimate, defamatory contents;
  • promote (through private messages) any other platform and/or commercial service without the explicit written consent of Off-Way;
  • provide false personal information;
  • use the platform to promote their own paid services (e.g. tourist guide);
  • use the platform (through private messages or on dedicated boards) for activities or initiatives not strictly related to Off-Way's services without the explicit written consent of Off-Way.

Off-Way reserves the right to suspend any account that does not comply with these conditions.


Off-Way reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the Platform or Services, or to modify these General Terms and Conditions.

Any modifications to these General Terms and Conditions will be published on the Platform indicating the effective date at the bottom.

By continuing to access or use the Platform, the User also accepts such changes and/or these General Terms and Conditions.

Relationship between the Parties

These General Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between the User and Off-Way regarding the use of the Services. Any other document (FAQ, etc.) is intended solely to provide guidance on the use of the Platform.

The Service offered by Off-Way consists exclusively in putting travelers who have a travel idea in contact with those interested in participating. DRBM Ltd does not act as a mediator for any of the parties involved. DRBM Ltd does not therefore have a role in the relationships and communications and transactions between users.

Off-Way and Users are independent parties, each acting in its own name and for its own purposes. The rights and obligations of the parties must be limited to those expressly indicated in this document.

Limitations of Liability

The Platform is a virtual place where Users can create and publish Travel proposals in order to find travel companions to travel with.

Off-Way has no control over the behavior of Platform Users and does not offer any Travel on the Platform. Users act under their exclusive and full responsibility.

The User acknowledges and agrees that Off-Way does not check the validity, truthfulness or legality of Users' travel proposals. Off-Way's role is limited to facilitating access to the Platform.

Off-Way, within the limits of applicable law, is liable for contractual and extra-contractual damages to Users or third parties only when they constitute an immediate and direct consequence, through willful misconduct or gross negligence, of Off-Way's activity.

Off-Way cannot be held responsible for the actual occurrence of a Travel, and in particular due to:

  • incorrect information provided by the User who proposes a Travel or by any other participating User;
  • cancellation or modification of a Travel by a User;
  • non-payment of Expenses Contributions (for example, air flights, overnight stays, dinners, etc.) before, during and after the Travel organized by Users;
  • behavior of its Users during, before or after the Travel.

Subscription costs

Off-Way provides different types of subscription costs which are visible on the site under the subscriptions section.

Operation, availability and functionality of the Platform

Off-Way will try to keep the Platform accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day as far as possible. However, access to the Platform may be temporarily suspended, without notice, due to technical maintenance, migration or update interventions, or due to interruptions or limitations related to the network's functioning.

In addition, Off-Way reserves the right to modify or suspend access to the Platform or its functionality, at its sole discretion, temporarily or permanently.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Off-Way disclaims any responsibility for the transmission of computer viruses or other harmful components in relation to the Platform.

Refund Policy

The subscriber has 14 days to cancel a purchase made on the website or through the application. To do so, please contact Customer Service, who will then proceed with your full or partial refund, calculated proportionally based on the length of time you have used our services.

However, please note that cancellations are only possible for the initial first purchase and not for subscription renewals. Nevertheless, you can close your account at any time, which will suspend any previously activated subscriptions.

If you have exceeded the 14-day period, it is no longer possible to grant a refund. We encourage you to make use of your subscription by utilizing the features of the website. If you no longer wish to continue your search at the end of the specified duration, remember to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription in the "My Account" section to prevent it from continuing after its expiration date. If you made an error during your purchase, you still have 14 days to submit your request to Customer Service, and we will only refund the unused amount.

Indemnification Clause

The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Off-Way (as well as any companies controlled or affiliated with it, its representatives, directors, agents, licensees, partners, and employees), from any obligation or liability, including any legal expenses incurred to defend itself in court, arising from damages caused to other Users or third parties, relating to the contents uploaded online, the violation of legal terms or the terms of these service conditions.

Privacy Policy

For information on the use of personal data, Users should refer to Off-Way's Privacy Policy, which is available in the application's Privacy Policy section.

Applicable Law - Disputes

These General Terms and Conditions of Use are written in English and translated into the major languages and subject to UK law. All disputes concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of these General Terms and Conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.