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Welcome to Off-Way,

Off-Way is a project born to unite the passion of travelers among people who have the goal of getting to know each other while traveling and sharing their experiences.

Our aim is to connect people who not only love to travel, but also to discover, share their personal travel experience with other true travelers, get to know the world, and explore new destinations together.

We target private users consisting of men, women, and genders aged 18 and above.

We do not directly contact travelers, but we provide them with the opportunity to find ideal travel companions through the publication of individual projects extended to members of the social network. We provide a private messaging service that guarantees privacy, as well as a forum for travelers that allows them to publish topics and information visible to everyone.

We remind all future members to include as much information as possible about themselves and their travel plans (destination, dates, who to travel with, past trips and experiences, languages spoken, information and ideas about the intended trip). It is also important to include a personal photograph and links to their social media accounts (to allow contact with other site users), which is a fundamental aspect for the Off-Way community.